Big, bold, and beautiful; these are the words that describe the Amazon Kindle Oasis to a T. You get so much screen real estate from that huge 7-inch e-ink display. She's a real feature-rich beauty. You won't get this sort of reading experience out of any old Android tablet, that's for sure.

As in any great Kindle device, you can adjust the warmth of the screen to your liking. The large screen makes it even easier to read, in addition to the supreme eye comfort delivered by the E Ink technology. It also makes it a lot more fun to read comics and graphic novels on your Kindle Oasis. You don't need to squint your eyes or zoom in at odd angles to read the dialogue boxes.

Amazon Kindle Oasis 10th Gen ScreenSource: Nick Sutrich / Android Central

There's a lot of memory in this thing, with either 8GB or a whopping 32GB of storage. Kindle Oasis comes with audiobook support along with a wide range of supported file formats. You can keep all manner of books — text, audio, or graphic — in the Kindle Oasis with that storage capacity. Let's not forget the IPX8 rating that makes it very waterproof. Amazon is slicing and dicing Kindle prices left and right, including these awesome Kindle Oasis bundles and covers. Don't miss out on these savings!

Kindle Oasis Bundle 1 Reco

Kindle Oasis 32GB Fabric Case + Power Adapter Bundle | 33% off

This Kindle bundle comes with an ad-supported Kindle Oasis in Graphite, a gorgeous Amazon Fabric Cover in any one of three colors, and a power adapter. At 34% off, you save a nice sum of money from this deal.

$225 at Amazon

Unless you're planning on loading a huge number of audiobooks or comics on your Kindle Oasis, 32GB isn't really necessary. If you're trying to get more bang for your buck, get the 8GB option instead. It comes with exactly the same specifications except for the memory, so you're not compromising anything. Please note that all the bundled Kindle Oasis e-readers have ads.

If you've already got an Amazon Kindle Oasis, there are still some cheap goodies for you to grab. Browse through Amazon's range of first-party fabric covers for the Kindle Oasis. They're going for 25% less than the usual prices.

Kindle Oasis Bundle 2 Reco

Kindle Oasis 8GB Fabric Case + Power Adapter Bundle | 33% off

If 8GB is enough for all your ebooks and audiobooks, get this Kindle Oasis bundle instead. It's cheaper than the 32GB variant with all the same amazing features. You also get an Amazon Basics power adapter and an Amazon Fabric Cover in this deal.

$205 at Amazon
Kindle Oasis Bundle 3 Reco

Kindle Oasis 8GB Premium Leather Case + Power Adapter Bundle | 31% off

Fabric doesn't always cut it. When getting the top-end of the Kindle spectrum, you might as well snag a premium case to go with your fancy e-reader. This bundle features the 8GB variant of the Oasis, a power adapter, and a brown Premium Leather Case.

$230 at Amazon
Kindle Oasis Bundle 3 Reco

Kindle Oasis 32GB Premium Leather Case + Power Adapter Bundle | 31% off

Get the classy brown Premium Leather case with the maxed-out Kindle Oasis with 32GB of storage. Amazon threw in a power adapter, covering all the basics.

$250 at Amazon
Kindle Oasis Bundle 4 Reco

Kindle Oasis 8GB Leather Case + Power Adapter Bundle | 32% off

If you don't want to invest in the premium case, we'd suggest the regular Leather Case. It has the same stylish texture but saves you a couple of bucks. And of course, you also get the Kindle Oasis with 8GB storage and a power adapter in this combo deal.

$215 at Amazon
Kindle Oasis Bundle 5 Reco

Kindle Oasis 32GB Leather Case + Power Adapter Bundle | 32% off

Get more value with 32GB memory onboard and a regular leather case with this package deal. Enjoy the best Amazon Kindle with a power adapter included.

$235 at Amazon
Kindle Oasis Cover Reco

Kindle Oasis Water-Safe Fabric Cover | 25% off

Dress your Kindle of large stature in this beautiful water-proof case. This first-party cover is made of fabric and comes in three shades. Choose one in smoky Charcoal, soothing Marine Blue, or brilliant Punch Red for 25% off with this deal.

$30 at Amazon

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